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Welcome to Arc Stair Design. We offer a wide variety of services and products in design, construction, and project coordination to the architect, contractor, and owner. Most, though not all, of our projects involve custom curved and straight wooden stairways. We make your projects flow smoothly with a strong commitment to schedules and job deadlines. 

Our detailed AutoCAD drawings are done from careful field measurements. We are able to assist with the coordination of the many different materials involved in some projects. Our construction methods often include building stairs over full-size computer-generated layouts, insuring a precise match to your site. Stair and balustrade systems are pre-fitted and assembled as completely as practical for later installation and the final fit. We can provide framing, landings, and other structures to fit our stairs and your site, further simplifying your planning. 

Arc Stair Design has an extensive library of handrail and turning profiles along with many photos that are helpful to the client in planning and designing. We can coordinate 
stock parts from a large variety of manufacturers and also fabricate custom parts. Our other capabilities include the production of unusual wooden mill work and curved moldings. 

We hope you will come to rely on our experience, our creativity, and our commitment to client satisfaction.

Arc Stair Design Inc. 

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     Thank you SO much for creating such a beautiful stairway for our home. We absolution love it and can't wait for you to come back and see the finished product. We have been able to show a few of our friends and family who all live it, especially the compass rose - such a great and unique detail! Thank you again for working with us and for treating us like family!

Megan Dreyer and Robbie Greenglass

Hi John


Just wanted to tell you that everyone is blown away by the Main Stair lattice. You guys did a great job. We are very happy with how it turned out. Thanks for all your help!  

Oliver Cope Architect, NY, New York

Dear John,


Thank you for the beautiful circular stairs you made for me for the Kraus job. Every detail was beautifully executed. The measurements are unbelievably accurate; your crew could not have done a better job. Every detail you promised was provided. 
My job is so much easier when I know I have the backing of people like you. 

Cal S. Brunen, Inc, Ridgefield, Conn

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